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Hello, Azura here~
Yes, that's not my real name, but just call me that here :)

I'm Just an ordinary girl who happens to be trapped by this world called multi-fandom.
And currently over-biased with Yaotome Hikaru from Hey!Say!JUMP.

This is my firs time in LJ so yeah..

[Drabble] Surprise...?
Title : Surprise…?
Author : kuroyukiazura
Beta Reader : ma_rendezvous
Pairing : Hikaru/Inoo
Rating : R (?) hahahahaha PG-15
Genre : Drabble (very short one)
Summary : JUMP decides to give the birthday boy a ‘little’ surprise
A/N : this is for Inoo’s birthday, forgive my dirty mind I just want some smut
but I can’t wrote them, someone pliss make a smut from this

“Aaaaaa~ mou…”

Inoo sighed loudly, a cute pout visible on his lips. Today was his birthday, yet the only person he wished to be by his side the most was missing. JUMP had decided to have some sukiyaki birhday party for the birthday boy but still, they’re missing one person, one very important person for Inoo.

“Does anyone know where’s Hikaru?” Inoo asked for the umptenth time that day.

“I told you before, Inoo-chan, Hikaru is busy with his stage play, he can’t come today.” Daiki also answered for the umptenth time that day.

“But I’ve been calling and texting him and he didn’t even respond.”

“He’s just bussy, Inoo-chan. Besides, you can always meet him in your shared apato later, right? So cheer up, it’s your birthday, we have a party for you, don’t waste our effort, okay?”

And so the party went on pretty well, nothing spcecial though, just some candle blowing, cake slicing, eating till drop, and a little sip of sake since Seven is now legally allowed to consume some alcohol. Yet Inoo didn’t get a single present from JUMP. They said they didn’t bring the present right now, but Inoo would surely have them later. After the party ended, Takaki and Daiki sent Inoo to his apato, saying happy birthday once again and then left him alone.

Tadaima~” Inoo said, welcomed by the dark living room, which meant that Hikaru was still not home.

“He doesn’t even say happy birthday to me,” He pouted. “Does he forget about my birthday? Baka Hikaru.” Inoo kept mumbling while heading to his room —to his and Hikaru’s room— until something captured his attention.

A colorfull paper was placed in front of his room door. He picked it up and read the message written there.

We hope you love your present ^o^

“Hnnggh… Hmpfh…” A soft grumble was heard behind his room door, and Inoo opened it immediately.


There his boyfriend was, naked —or that’s what Inoo thought because his lower body was covered with the blanket— laying in their bed, leaning to the headboard, each of his arms tied to the side of the bed, his mouth covered with some cloth, and a pretty red ribbon attached to his head.

‘Ai-swea-ai-hihihn-han-his!!!’ That was all Inoo could hear from Hikaru. And Inoo Just stood there, his cheeks blushing madly from the sight in front of him.

[Fanfic] Stand by You
Title: Stand by You
Author: kuroyukiazura
Beta-reader: ma_rendezvous
Pairing: Yabu/OC
Rating: PG
Genre: fluff, romance, slice of life

A/N: This is my first fic and i kinda stole the idea from headachegirl XD Thank you for letting me use your idea dear... And also thank you for Hota who beta-reading my fic and bearing with my fail english, ilu <3 the red parts are lyrics from Stand by You by DBSK.

“Kota-kun, can we talk about us again?”Collapse )

DRAMAtical Murder
DRAMAtical Murder is a Japanese BL visual novel developed and published by Nitro+chiral. Some of my friend recomended me this game from maybe like a year ago, but since I was very busy with college I can't even touch it. Aaaaaannnddd guess what? An anime TV series was announced to air in this summer!!! Well I think this is the time to play this game then XD



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