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[Fanfic] Stand by You
Title: Stand by You
Author: kuroyukiazura
Beta-reader: ma_rendezvous
Pairing: Yabu/OC
Rating: PG
Genre: fluff, romance, slice of life

A/N: This is my first fic and i kinda stole the idea from headachegirl XD Thank you for letting me use your idea dear... And also thank you for Hota who beta-reading my fic and bearing with my fail english, ilu <3 the red parts are lyrics from Stand by You by DBSK.

It’s been a little over two month since she left our apartment now. That morning after I got home from my hilarious birthday party, she had already packed all of her things up. She said sorry that she can’t keep up with me anymore. And I just stood there, couldn’t even ask as to why, or what did I do to deserve something like this. I thought everything was okay, I thought we were okay. I wanted to talk to her, but no matter how much I tried, she kept on refusing.
君は何処にいて? 誰と何処にいて?
どんな服を着て? 何して笑ってるんだろう?
変わらず、想っている. 君だけ、想っている.

“What’s wrong with you?” That was the first questions from Hikaru after we finished our practice today.

“Nothing, I’m okay.”

“Don’t lie to us, it’s been weeks Kou, even Seven knows that something is not alright.” This time Inoo spoke up from the corner of our dressing room, rummaging something in his bag.

I just sighed, well, BEST might be looking like a bunch of idiot brats from the outside but once you have the chance to know them more, you’d be surprised of how caring and concerned they are.

“I’m okay, really, just a little tired, don’t worry.” I smiled to them and started gathering my things and shoved them into my bag before they could ask for more explanation. They were nice really, but I just didn’t want to tell them anything, yet. “Jaa, I’m going home first, don’t worry, I’ll take a rest properly. See you tomorrow.” I smiled again and headed to the door and exited the room.

Sigh... It’s 06.23 PM usually she would call me and asked what I wanted for dinner. Haaah~ why was I thinking about her again?

I didn’t want to go home yet so I decided to take a little walk to refresh my mind, and maybe that was a good idea. Or not.

There, in front of a park, was her and a guy standing before her. The guy kissed her temple before getting into his car and left. So without thinking twice I ran to her and shouted her name.

“K-Kota-kun?” She seemed a bit surprised to see me and was about to leave but I quickly grabbed her hand.

“Please, we need to talk…” She let out a little sigh and nodded. We sat on a bench in that park . “Who is that guy earlier?”

“He’s my fiance.”


“My parents already decided it. I’ll marry him next week.”

“So you left me because of him?” I didn’t know why my voice was so calm at that moment although my heart was fuming with anger.

“No, I left because of you.”

“But… What... What did you mean?”

“You always make me doubtful, about your love, about our future.”

“But you know I love you… so much.”

“You love your job Kota-kun, and I can understand that. I don’t want to be a burden to you.” She smiled to me, but it was not the smile that I used to know.

“You are not a burden to me.”

“Then leave your work and marry me.”


“See, I was a burden, right?” She smiled again

“No. Okay then. I’ll marry you.”

“If you do that, that means you throw away your dream Kota-kun. And you would hate me for the rest of your life. And I can’t forgive myself if that happens.”

“Then what should I do?!” Felling frustrated, I nearly screamed my word to her.

“Just believe to your heart and be happy Kota-kun”

“My heart says that I will be happy with you, can we try again?”

“I’m sorry Kota-kun.” Her eyes seemed a bit red by now. I knew she’s been trying hard not to cry right now.

“I love you…”

“I’m sorry…” She said that again and stood up, kissing my forehead and walked away, leaving me, who once again couldn’t even move or speak to stop her, all alone.


It was six day latter when Hikaru finally couldn’t take it anymore with my constant late arriving and a lot of mistake with our dance practice. He dragged me from our practice room to BEST changing room.

“Seriously Kota, what. is. wrong. with. you?!” Just when I was about to say sorry Kei, Yuya and Daichan also entered the room and close the door. At that moment, four pair of eyes were watching me, waiting for my answer.

“I’m just…”

“Don’t tell us you’re okay again, we will not let you go until you tell us.” This time Yuya spoke up.

I let out a long sigh “She’s getting married tomorrow.”

“What?!” The four of them said in unison.

“But how come?”

“I think you was okay with her.”

“What are you doing?”

“Are you serious?” And they started throwing me questions that I couldn’t even answer myself.

“Why didn’t you tell us anything?” Inoo asked and sat beside me.

“I won’t bother you all. Besides, this is my own problem.”

“But you have already bothered us because you always came late and messed up with our practic. You’re our leader Yabu.” Hikaru, who still stood there, said, slightly pouting.
Hai, I know, I’m sorry.”

Maa maa can’t we do something about that?”

“Nope, the wedding is tomorrow. It’s impossible to change her mind just for one night right?”

“If she was meant for you, fate will bring her back.” Yuya said and patted my back.

“Yeah, but I think fate is not that nice to me.”

“It’s okay Yabu, there will be rainbow after a great storm.” Daiki said.

“Well, I guess. Thank you guys, I’m sorry for the trouble.”

“Jaa, lets go to Yabu’s apartment, I think he needs a little BEST party.” Daiki added.

“Eh? What? I don’t....”

“Okay then! Lets gooooo~! Don’t worry, Kou-chan, we will cheer you up!” Inoo said, giving his two thumbs up.


I woke up the next day because of the sunrays that gently hit my face, it’s nine in the morning and Yuya, Kei, Hikaru and Daichan were sprawled across my living room. Tsk... yesterday they said they would cheer me up, but they ended up wasting themselves too. I bet they wouldn’t wake up until noon so I got up and took a shower. I needed a fresh air so I decided to take a walk and bought that four baka-rangers some breakfast along the way.

I walked through the park that she and I used to spend time together back then and sat at her favourite swing there. I closed my eyes and all the memories of her suddenly flew into my mind. Maybe Yuya was right; if she were meant for me, fate would bring her back. But I know that’s impossible right now. She must be wearing a wedding dress now, standing in front of the priest saying her marriage vows, and I wish I could stand beside her.

I heard foot steps in front of me followed by the sound of someone panting, catching a breath. I opened my eyes and couldn’t believe what I saw in front of my eyes. It was her. Wearing a white wedding dress, white higheels in her left hand. She starred at me, still catching her breath...

“Kota-kun, can we talk about us again?”

One question slipped out of her mouth and that was all it took. I stood and hugged her, not saying anything, affraid that if I let her go again, those invisible wings would flap away.


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wow, you're so fast xD

yes, i feel bad for her fiance too but who can resist our cool leader here
thank you for reading.

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